01 Jun 2021
man getting his teeth checked

Your smile needs special care to stay healthy and strong. Skipping your dental hygiene routine even once can seriously put your oral health at risk. Plaque that builds up on your teeth can calcify into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist. Take extra special care of your smile so that your pearly whites can last you a lifetime. Let’s review some oral hygiene basics with our dentist near me.

The foundation of a healthy smile starts with excellent dental hygiene habits. That means brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing every night, and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash. Building these healthy habits during childhood will help kids to develop healthy smiles well into adulthood. Kids are especially vulnerable to cavities, so it is essential that they are using fluoride products. Fluoride helps to strengthen enamel and protect teeth from dental decay. It also helps to fight off harmful bacteria that contributes to gingivitis and other oral health issues. Additional fluoride treatments are available at your child’s regular dental cleanings to help strengthen their smiles. These treatments can also be great for adults with sensitive teeth. If you have weakened or sensitive teeth, ask our dentist near me about fluoride treatments to help strengthen your enamel.

Another building block of a healthy smile is a proper diet. Your body, including your smile, has specific nutritional needs to stay healthy and strong. Your smile specifically benefits from:

-lean proteins (strengthen teeth)
-dairy products (high in calcium)
-fresh fruits (alternative to sugar)
-crunchy vegetables (cleans your teeth)
-leafy greens (packed with vitamins and minerals)
-lots of water! (promotes saliva production)

Just like you should follow a healthy diet for your smile, you should also limit your intake of excess sugar and acidic substances. When sugar combines with your saliva, it turns into a harmful bacteria and creates biofilm on your teeth, gums, tongue, and soft surfaces of your mouth. This causes plaque and tartar build-up, which can be seriously harmful for your smile. Try to reduce your consumption of sweet treats, and try some healthy alternatives instead! Our dentist near me recommends fresh fruits as an alternative to treats, and sparkling water as a good alternative to soda.

Another healthy habit to incorporate into your oral health journey is regular visits to our dentist near me! Routine dental cleanings, check-ups, and x-rays can help to prevent serious oral health problems from developing. Early detection of issues can protect you from needing major treatments in the future and costly emergency dentistry bills. Stick to regular six month check-ups to keep your smile safe from serious harm.

To learn more about the building blocks of a healthy smile, contact our dentist near me! A quick visit to our office can help you better understand your oral health so that you can make the best decisions for your smile. We look forward to hearing from you, so contact our office today!

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